Homeowner Lawn Tips

Mowing :
Mow frequently as the weather will allow, but be sure your blades are sharp and don’t mow too short! A good rule of thumb is to follow the “one-third rule”, meaning: “Never cut more than 1/3 of your grass height at the time”.

Mowing high forces the grass roots to grow deep, and the deeper the roots, the more resistant to disease it becomes and requires less water.
And remember to never mow your lawn when it is wet. It can cause the roots to become compact and can cause ugly brown spots where compaction occurs.

Watering :
Ironically, one of the most common mistakes a homeowner can make is to overwatering their lawn. Obviously, your lawn needs water…but the old saying of “Too much of a good thing can be bad” holds true for your lawn. Applying too much water can lead to a host of problems. Disease and insects can thrive in lawns receiving excessive water and can lead to frustration for the homeowner and ultimately the destruction of a once healthy lawn. Wondering if your lawn stacks up? Try pushing a screwdriver into your lawn…too much resistance and your lawn needs water…too little resistance and you may be over watering!

The homeowner who waters their lawn should also avoid watering at night! By watering at night, your lawn doesn’t get a chance to properly “dry” throughout the day. This can lead to adverse effects in hot, summer months with high humidity. Water in the early morning hours and be wary on days of high humidity!

Fertilizing :
Why Fertilize? Fertilizing a lawn will help maintain a strong, deep root system. It leads to improvements in color, density, uniformity and the overall health of your lawn. We at Beck’s use liquid fertilization (spring, summer, fall applications liquid) with zero phosphorous! Each application is timed specifically to give your lawn what it needs when it needs it and our applicators are trained to use the exact amount of product needed. Let us take the guess work out if it!

Weeds :
While not every area will grow grass easily, weeds can grow just about anywhere and the best defense against weeds is a healthy lawn. By eliminating weeds and undesirable plants, you give your lawn the best chance to grow. And a healthy lawn will benefit not only your home but your wallet as well! Beck’s Ornamental uses high quality, time tested weed control products intended for longer residual control of numerous species of weeds. Got a difficult weed taking over your yard? Each lawn is inspected before treatment to determine the proper weed control to fully benefit your lawn!

Know your lawn care company :
Beck’s Ornamental & Turf Management Technicians are required to be licensed through the Michigan Department of Agriculture. This is a series of testing, reviewing, and maintaining a core study on turf grasses, diseases, insects, and safety and handling procedures of pesticides. Technicians attend ongoing seminars throughout the season to ensure they are using the latest technologies, techniques, and chemicals. Technicians are taught to use not only biological controls but cultural controls as well whenever it is beneficial to the lawn and/or homeowner…leading to a healthier lawn and a happy customer!

Tree Facts

Did you know?…

  • Not only do trees provide valuable oxygen, but they also help clean the air.  Particles of dust and odors can be trapped in tree bark as it acts as a filter to keep that precious oxygen clean!
  • Trees can also help conserve energy.  By placing trees strategically around a yard, they can help reduce heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer…saving you money!
  • Trees can help prevent soil erosion. Strong roots and ample leaves help break up rainfall reducing the amount of direct water flow and allowing the water to flow freely down the trunk to the earth below!
  • Trees are good for the economy.  Providing jobs in the logging industry, lumber yards, and home buildings, trees are an essential part of our economy. And lets not forget the curb appeal of a home for sale with a beautiful yard and trees!
  • Trees provide valuable homes for many of our native species of wildlife.  Owls, squirrels, birds and so many others find their ideal nesting grounds within them!

How an Automated Sprinkler System can save you Money

“Why install an automated sprinkler system?”

A well-designed irrigation system can literally save a yard during extreme drought conditions!

  • SAVE MONEY! – No extra expenses and guessing when watering your lawn. Control the amount of water you apply…at the touch of your fingertips. With added features like rain sensors, your system will run only when it needs to!
  • SAVE WATER! – Your automatic sprinkler system is custom designed with your yard in mind. Use exactly the amount of water you need…each time, every time!
  • SAVE TIME! – Never drag a hose through your yard again. Since your automatic sprinkler system takes care of all the watering, that leaves you time to enjoy your beautiful green lawn!

Let Beck’s Ornamental & Turf Management, Inc. provide you with a custom irrigation system, designed to fit your yard. Our irrigation specialists use the latest equipment and technology to ensure your system is installed properly and efficiently!

Most commercial and residential irrigation systems are “in ground” systems, which means that everything is buried in the ground. With the pipes, sprinklers, and irrigation valves being hidden, it makes for a cleaner, more presentable landscape without garden hoses or other items having to be moved around manually.

Seeding and Taking Care of your Lawn

Renovation or Establishing New Lawn!

Beck’s also offers a variety of services when it comes to renovating an existing lawn or establishing a new one. We offer hydroseeding, overseeding, and primary seeding services. All of our seed blends are custom formulated for each of our customers’ needs according to the area of seeding, soils and climate conditions. Sod, topsoil, & topdressing are available upon request. We also provide grading and prep work if needed!

What is “hydroseeding ” and how does it work?

Hydroseeding is the process of applying a combination of seed, fertilizer, and mulch in one step with a high-pressure spraying system. This allows Beck’s to tailor each seeding job specific to conditions and requests. And by using a high-pressure application system, this allows the seed and fertilizer to be evenly mixed and disbursed throughout the area in a uniform pattern, ensuring full coverage.

Watering your new lawn…

Proper watering of your hydro seeded lawn is of utmost importance to have optimal growing conditions. This helps ensure germination and gets your new lawn off on the right path. There are very important steps to remember and we give the following suggestions…

  • Water frequently, though just enough to keep moisture in the soil. The weather, temperature and soil type can all play parts in determining how much water your new lawn needs…in some cases, your lawn may need to be watered several times per day.
  • While cooler and cloudier days may limit the amount of water needed those days, remember the opposite is true as well. Warm, hot summer days may need watering 3-4 times per day. During those times, try to limit your watering times to morning or evening if possible. If you have an irrigation system, you can set the timers accordingly. If not, we suggest using an automatic timer if no one will be around to monitor.
  • The importance of water…too little water and the establishment of the grass is greatly slowed. If allowed to dry out, the germinating seed can die. However, too much water can cause puddling and washouts. Newly growing grass seedlings also require oxygen to the roots and are unable to obtain it once under water…leading to a weak root system. This can also result in a patchy lawn.T
  • The seedlings should germinate in 5-10 days under optimal conditions…however, it may take 14-21 under adverse ones.

We have an excellent care program for your new lawn as well!

Grow-in Fertilization Program:

Beck’s grow-in fertilization program is used in conjunction with all newly seeded lawns or other areas. Depending on the grass growth 3-4 applications are used. Treatment consists of a granular fertilizer that promotes healthy growth and acts as a booster to the newly seeded grass. These applications are strongly recommended for all new lawns!