Seeding and Taking Care of your Lawn

Renovation or Establishing New Lawn!

Beck’s also offers a variety of services when it comes to renovating an existing lawn or establishing a new one. We offer hydroseeding, overseeding, and primary seeding services. All of our seed blends are custom formulated for each of our customers’ needs according to the area of seeding, soils and climate conditions. Sod, topsoil, & topdressing are available upon request. We also provide grading and prep work if needed!

What is “hydroseeding ” and how does it work?

Hydroseeding is the process of applying a combination of seed, fertilizer, and mulch in one step with a high-pressure spraying system. This allows Beck’s to tailor each seeding job specific to conditions and requests. And by using a high-pressure application system, this allows the seed and fertilizer to be evenly mixed and disbursed throughout the area in a uniform pattern, ensuring full coverage.

Watering your new lawn…

Proper watering of your hydro seeded lawn is of utmost importance to have optimal growing conditions. This helps ensure germination and gets your new lawn off on the right path. There are very important steps to remember and we give the following suggestions…

  • Water frequently, though just enough to keep moisture in the soil. The weather, temperature and soil type can all play parts in determining how much water your new lawn needs…in some cases, your lawn may need to be watered several times per day.
  • While cooler and cloudier days may limit the amount of water needed those days, remember the opposite is true as well. Warm, hot summer days may need watering 3-4 times per day. During those times, try to limit your watering times to morning or evening if possible. If you have an irrigation system, you can set the timers accordingly. If not, we suggest using an automatic timer if no one will be around to monitor.
  • The importance of water…too little water and the establishment of the grass is greatly slowed. If allowed to dry out, the germinating seed can die. However, too much water can cause puddling and washouts. Newly growing grass seedlings also require oxygen to the roots and are unable to obtain it once under water…leading to a weak root system. This can also result in a patchy lawn.T
  • The seedlings should germinate in 5-10 days under optimal conditions…however, it may take 14-21 under adverse ones.

We have an excellent care program for your new lawn as well!

Grow-in Fertilization Program:

Beck’s grow-in fertilization program is used in conjunction with all newly seeded lawns or other areas. Depending on the grass growth 3-4 applications are used. Treatment consists of a granular fertilizer that promotes healthy growth and acts as a booster to the newly seeded grass. These applications are strongly recommended for all new lawns!

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