How an Automated Sprinkler System can save you Money

“Why install an automated sprinkler system?”

A well-designed irrigation system can literally save a yard during extreme drought conditions!

  • SAVE MONEY! – No extra expenses and guessing when watering your lawn. Control the amount of water you apply…at the touch of your fingertips. With added features like rain sensors, your system will run only when it needs to!
  • SAVE WATER! – Your automatic sprinkler system is custom designed with your yard in mind. Use exactly the amount of water you need…each time, every time!
  • SAVE TIME! – Never drag a hose through your yard again. Since your automatic sprinkler system takes care of all the watering, that leaves you time to enjoy your beautiful green lawn!

Let Beck’s Ornamental & Turf Management, Inc. provide you with a custom irrigation system, designed to fit your yard. Our irrigation specialists use the latest equipment and technology to ensure your system is installed properly and efficiently!

Most commercial and residential irrigation systems are “in ground” systems, which means that everything is buried in the ground. With the pipes, sprinklers, and irrigation valves being hidden, it makes for a cleaner, more presentable landscape without garden hoses or other items having to be moved around manually.

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