Tree Facts

Did you know?…

  • Not only do trees provide valuable oxygen, but they also help clean the air.  Particles of dust and odors can be trapped in tree bark as it acts as a filter to keep that precious oxygen clean!
  • Trees can also help conserve energy.  By placing trees strategically around a yard, they can help reduce heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer…saving you money!
  • Trees can help prevent soil erosion. Strong roots and ample leaves help break up rainfall reducing the amount of direct water flow and allowing the water to flow freely down the trunk to the earth below!
  • Trees are good for the economy.  Providing jobs in the logging industry, lumber yards, and home buildings, trees are an essential part of our economy. And lets not forget the curb appeal of a home for sale with a beautiful yard and trees!
  • Trees provide valuable homes for many of our native species of wildlife.  Owls, squirrels, birds and so many others find their ideal nesting grounds within them!

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